Get to know your pet using the Five Elements

For a happy and healthy life

In 'Get to know your dog, cat or rabbit with the Five Elements', Aleid Hillebrand and Eric Laarakker will introduce you to the Five Elements - a millennia-old school of thought in Traditional Chinese Medicine. They discuss the character traits in addition to the physical and mental characteristics of our pets according to the Five Elements. When you get to know your animal's strengths and weaknesses, you can better understand, train and, if necessary, give the animal the right extra attention that will benefit its well-being and health.

Do you have a labrador who is always looking for food or a Jack Russell who always coughs when playing? A cat that always answers when you talk to it? Or a rabbit that will always start chasing just before she gets fed? Chances are they didn't learn that from training. These are typical expressions of different character types and once you know them, it makes it easier to understand, accept and help your beloved four-legged companion.

In the book, for each of the elements - Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water - the specific character traits that are expressed in each animal are discussed. Examples are given of suitable sports and work - especially for dogs - fitting each element. Typical character traits determine the best way to train for each element type. You will learn how to recognize the different elements in young animals and what their needs are when growing up and becoming older.

Of course, the owners are also discussed. The interaction between people and their pets is briefly described using the Five Elements. Which type of owner and which type of animal is a good or not so good combination and why? With the help of a practical questionnaire at the end of the book you can quickly determine which element type your dog, cat or rabbit is.

There is also extensive attention to nutrition, because also food can be classified according to the Five Elements. The right food helps the animal to stay healthy, cheerful and balanced in every stage of life.

The many photos in this book bring the text to life and in addition you will find in numerous tables the most important information concisely listed. This makes the book a complete reference work and a must-have for every dog, cat and rabbit lover.

Aleid Hillebrand and Eric Laarakker are (holistic) veterinarians in De Bilt.

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